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can you see the UFO??!!

can you see the UFO??!!



beach art

beach art

I’m 19 

so its my birthday, I’ve never really looked forward to my birthday, this year is a bit different though, I have an amazing girlfriend and I have truly awesome friends who send me some awesome messages, especially my friend meg, an awesome message which made my day

Fill this space

I actually don’t have much to say, I played minecraft yesterday on the yogcast server, made an awesome inn in a town, although it keeps getting griefed with it being too close to spawn >:( so I’m leaving a sign sayin “greasy piglet inn, new owner wanted, contact blueheadedpants” so if you find it ask me and I’ll mark you as the owner, I’m busy building the church in bedrock valley, and why is it that I’m the only good builder? XD

blonde moment ftw

coming out of mcDonalds a girl said by to her friend, my girlfriend turned around and said byee! then realized the women wasn’t talking to her so my girlfriend went “sorry, I had a blonde moment Haha…” you should have seen the look on the women’s face…never say that to a blonde person…they don’t like it…this probably made no sense but I don’t care, I’m just going to post funny and awesome things me and my girlfriend have done…mainly me XD

I feel myself again!

I’m starting to feel back to normal now, still feel a bit Shit about the whole father thing, but other than that I’m happy, I’m not too worried about college work anymore, basically if I don’t do it, I don’t do it I’ll take another year and then university, I just really want to get into Newcastle not northumbria. when I see my girlfriend I’m going to pick her up, spin her round and kiss her, its been way too long apart its been over a month now yet it feels like forever, it doesn’t help how I can’t install anything on my computer as it bluescreens and wipes everything so I can’t even webcam or anything cos that involves installing the software u.u anyone wanna donate a laptop? XD

I give up!

Isn’t it just brilliant when you haven’t seen your dad since last year with no contact from him, and when you say, do you wanna pick me up spend the day together? And when he agrees yet never shows up, without a single notice. It just makes you think what kind of person am I, that my own father would rather spend the day in a damn pub, then be with his son. At the current moment I just hate myself, and when you want some support of people you love, you get interrogated or blanked 3 times…I mean and they can’t even see that. I’m sick of being the one trodden on, I’m sick of always being the one to blame, I’m sick how its always me that has to do something well not any fucking more from now on I’m going to trod on who I want, I will let people do something for me, I’m not being the weak one any more, and too right, for me to do something and getting bollocked, for them to do the same. I’m just too tired now.

Why Hello There
  • Why hello there facebook, I finally got a tumblr going, feel free to follow me and i will follow back...if i like you >: